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11:30 - 3:00


4:30 - Close

Summer Taste of Puglia


Zucchini Blossoms

tempura battered, flash fried, house made sauces


Caprese Royale

DiFronzo Farms heirloom tomato, handmade Pugliese burrata, cherry tomatoes, basil


BBQ Sweetbreads

house-made fig bbq sauce


Pizza Mexicana

artisanal linguica, roasted jalapeno, charred pineapple, cilantro, bianca sauce



oven roasted whole chili pepper rock cod, lemon, caper, garlic sauce, seasonal vegetables



grilled Channel Islands swordfish,

 pesto Israeli couscous, spicy puttanesca sauce


Pappardelle + Lobster “fra Diavolo”

de-shelled Maine lobster,

spicy puttanesca sauce


Bone-in Veal Chop

Milanese OR Parmigiana Style,

with spaghettini “alla checca”


Strawberry Tiramisu

strawberry coulis, freshly whipped cream

We strive to represent our most recent menu prices on our website. Occasionally, prices and vintages may vary slightly from printed menu. 

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Proudly serving Cal Poly lamb.

Cal Poly proudly produces over 120 lambs each year with the help of student managers, using a sustainable pasture-based production model. Our lambs experience a very natural life, born and raised in the field and grazing on fresh pasture until they reach market weight. With this type of management our lambs are completely pasture raised, requiring no use of drugs, no supplemental feed or confinement.

A visual tour of DiFronzo Farms & Giuseppe's Events

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