11:30 - 3:00


4:30 - Close

Dinner Specials

Stuffed Paccheri Pasta

Kobe beef, Italian sausage, ricotta,

house-made marinara

Orecchiette Braciole

tender flank steak rolled with Italian herbs, Romano, braised in a red wine tomato sauce


Roasted White Seabass

Lemon aioli & Italian breadcrumb crust,

pesto Israeli couscous,

wild mushroom & fennel brodo



Mexican Chocolate Mousse

Freshly whipped cream, crushed

chili-peanut brittle, pomegranate jewels



Panettone Tiramisu

Swiss chocolate, pomegranate molasses



We strive to represent our most recent menu prices on our website. Occasionally, prices may vary slightly from printed menu. 

SLO Location: 805-541-9922

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Proudly serving Cal Poly lamb.

Cal Poly proudly produces over 120 lambs each year with the help of student managers, using a sustainable pasture-based production model. Our lambs experience a very natural life, born and raised in the field and grazing on fresh pasture until they reach market weight. With this type of management our lambs are completely pasture raised, requiring no use of drugs, no supplemental feed or confinement.

Giuseppe's Flatliner

Giuseppe's Flatliner

the original classic giuseppe's flatliner with freshly pressed espresso crema, since 1988



gelato and sorbetto in numerous flavors, freshly made daily



classic tiramisu with ladyfingers and marsala wine dredge and mascarpone cream



sicilian style sweet ricotta-stuffed cannolis with pistachios and chocolate chips

Aperol Spritz

Aperol Spritz

fresh crafted italian cocktails made the old way

Old Fashioned

Old Fashioned

libations and staples crafted daily

Pomegranate Martini

Pomegranate Martini

fresh squeezed juices and craft cocktails made classically

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