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Fall Taste of Puglia


Difronzo Estate Corvina

The only known vineyard in California to grow the corvina varietal,

“a key constituent of Valpolicella & Amarone wines”

Fall Taste of Puglia


Pizza di Giorno

‘Nduja (spicy artisan salami), baked black olive, smoked mozzarella, fresh mozzarella, torn basil



Potato Gnocchi

Handmade Yukon gold potato gnocchi, spicy puttanesca sauce, shaved ricotta salata



Olive Oil Braised Halibut

shitake mushroom-halibut fumé, saffron risotto, pickled onions, fennel salad



Boneless Short Ribs

red wine and root vegetable braised, roasted corn polenta, shaved ricotta salata



Fall Pumpkin Cheesecake

fresh whipped cream, crushed pistachio



Sicilian Pistachio Cheesecake

 bourbon caramel, freshly whipped cream



We strive to represent our most recent menu prices on our website. Occasionally, prices may vary slightly from printed menu. 

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Giuseppe's Flatliner
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Proudly serving Cal Poly lamb.

Cal Poly proudly produces over 120 lambs each year with the help of student managers, using a sustainable pasture-based production model. Our lambs experience a very natural life, born and raised in the field and grazing on fresh pasture until they reach market weight. With this type of management our lambs are completely pasture raised, requiring no use of drugs, no supplemental feed or confinement.

A visual tour of DiFronzo Farms & Giuseppe's Events